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Jason, an offspring of the power couple David Hasselhoff & Jeff Foxworthy, was born with many talents. Not only can he summons his Trans Am with a wristwatch, he can also tattoo. For years Jason tattooed midgets in Venezuelan sweat shops, his nights blurred by the sweet relief of wine coolers. One morning Jason awoke to Criss Angel pulling a quarter from his ass then levitating into the smog filled sky. Jason realized he had to turn things around. Putting his faith in the magical soiled gift he put the quarter in the nearest "Zoltar" fortune telling machine and wished he had a tattoo shop called "The Living Canvas" at 3022 Genesee st. in Cheektowaga...and it worked

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Scott is a BIG fan of double rainbows and likes spending his off time licking white dog doo. Raised by wolves he enjoys monster trucks and Farris wheels while sipping a cool latte

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